Meet Heliconia. She is an incredible work of art looking to find home. Taking an incredible 60 hours to complete, this Fursuit includes the head, paws and tail.

The head is lightweight and breathable, as well as fully lined! The teeth and earrings are sculpted from polymer clay, and the tongue and mouth lining are made from brightly colored fleece.

The floor-dragger tail has a foam base so it is very sturdy and the shape doesn’t warp. It measures approximately 60 inches in length, and has a lined slot in the side for a removable belt. (belt not included).

The paws are four-fingered puffy paws, lined, and have a fleece cuff. The paw pads and claws are sewn from plush fleece.

See full details at: https://dragonfishcreations.com/

Head Circumference, right above the eyebrows, across the temples.
22″ Head = Perfect Fit
23 1/2″ Head: a fine fit but likely wouldn’t be comfortable much larger than this.

Hands: See downloadable and printable sizing chart at dragonfishcreations.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Heliconia-Paw-Size.pdf

We do not offer refunds on our custom pieces, including fursuits, fursuit parts, drawings, painting and sculptures.
They are one of a kind pieces created and packaged by the artist themselves.
Pictures are taken of the items before they go into the box to ensure any damage occurring between our location and yours was a matter of shipping damage. Each item is shipped with insurance. Shipping damage is a matter between the shipper and the buyer.

SHIPPING: We do offer international shipping, at cost. The shipping profile wouldn’t accept it as an automatic option, likely due to the length of the tail.