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Heliconia Fursuit

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Meet Heliconia.  She is an incredible work of art looking to find home.

The head is carved from foam, so it is lightweight and breathable, as well as fully lined! The teeth and earrings are sculpted from polymer clay, and the tongue and mouth lining are made from brightly colored fleece. The horns are attached directly to the headbase, so they are very firmly on the head.

The floor-dragger tail has a foam base so it is very sturdy and the shape doesn’t warp. It measures approximately 60 inches in length, and has a lined slot in the side for a removable belt. (does not come with a belt) The tail is filled with extra soft polyfil stuffing, but not so much that it is stiff.

The paws are four-fingered puffy paws, lined, and have a fleece cuff. The paw pads and claws are sewn from plush fleece.

She comes with character rights, although you are free to change the design in any way. The name i had given her when i designed her was Heliconia, (it’s a type of plant) although you are free to change her name.




Handpaw Cuffs:

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